WINTER 2015 Nonprofits

North Bay Children's Center

North Bay Children's Center provides comprehensive high-quality child care and early education programs fueled by our vision of excellence and a spirit of innovation.  Our mission is to assure optimal development for every child we serve through:

  • Culturally rich programs that prepare children from diverse backgrounds to succeed socially, emotionally and academically
  • Our Garden of Eatin' program that weaves a culture of health and wellness throughout the organization and serves as a model for other communities to emulate
  • Strong family, school, and community partnerships that support a shared belief in each child's ability to succeed

 "North Bay Children’s Center was founded on the belief that every child should be provided equal access to quality care and early education, which paves the way for academic success for years to come.  Thanks to our wonderful staff, committed Board of Directors and Advisory Board members, I’m proud to say that NBCC not only meets this goal for each year but we continue to create new, innovative children’s programs



WildCare’s mission is to advocate for wildlife for a sustainable world, and we actively pursue this mission through nature education, wildlife rehabilitation and community outreach.

Through partnerships with schools, collaborations with other organizations, educational programs and activities, internships and volunteer opportunities we make a positive difference in our community


The Ritter Center

To be a strategic leader partnering with the community to foster self-sufficiency for low-income families and to end homelessness in Marin County.

A Marin County community where everyone has access to adequate housing, health care, and economic security to ensure a quality of life that we all deserve.

We are respectful and non-judgmental
We are purposeful and proactive
We seek strategic collaboration and partnerships
We provide services to those in poverty free of charge
We provide help when help is needed
We don't give up on anyone


Artworks Downtown

Marin's premier non-profit art center. Located on Fourth Street, our 40,000 square-foot building houses 3 galleries, 35 art studios, a restuarant, a jewelers guild, a frame shop, a ceramic center, other arts organizations, 17 affordable apartmentsand more. We feature new exhibitsevents and classes every month as well as outreach programsand 6 public art installations throughout San Rafael.


Agricultural Institute of Marin

Our mission is to promote a viable food system, to educate the public about the benefits of buying fresh and locally grown food, and to bring farmers and communities together. 


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