Animals/Environment: Halleck Creek Ranch

Halleck Creek Ranch invites people with disabilities, and their families, to live a “Life without barriers” through Equine-Assisted Services and Therapeutic Horseback Riding. 

Since 1977, Halleck Creek Ranch has helped people with disabilities live a life without barriers through Equine-Assisted Services and Therapeutic Horseback Riding. Equine-assisted activities and therapeutic horseback riding are valuable forms of physical and mental therapy, as well as an effective way for people with disabilities to access rugged terrain. Each week, participants and volunteers from seven Bay Area counties travel to the ranch, which is located in the beautiful Nicasio Valley in Marin County, CA. 

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Arts/Culture/Humanities: Marin Museum of Contemporary Art

Marin Museum of Contemporary Art connects art, community, and artistic expression. The Museum is a vibrant arts center offering exceptional contemporary exhibits and education programs for art-lovers of all ages. The exhibitions in their three galleries change every seven weeks.

The museum has a main gallery as well as the Ron Collins lobby gallery, the Second Floor gallery, a museum store, an education program, and artist studios. Over 60 artists have working studios in four buildings that provide an atmosphere of creative energy in which contemporary art flourishes.

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Health & Human Services: Center for Judicial Excellence

The Center for Judicial Excellence is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in San Rafael, California. Their mission is to protect vulnerable children in the family court system and to strengthen the integrity of all courts by creating judicial accountability.

Founded in May of 2006, they’ve spent more than a decade empowering family court survivors and their children, exposing the systemic failures in our courts, and educating the media, state and federal lawmakers, and the public about the need for major reforms.

The Center has been especially effective at working to protect the rights of children whose parents are going through divorce, and the organization has been in the forefront of exposing a national crisis in the family court system that is harming millions of innocent children.

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Children/Education: Okizu

Okizu (oak-eye-zoo) comes from the Sioux language and means unity, to come together, to heal from a hurt, to make whole. The mission of Okizu is to help all members of families affected by childhood cancer to heal through peer support, respite, mentoring, and recreational programs.

For 40 years, Okizu has been committed to the continuing support of the Oncology, Siblings, Family, Bereavement, and Teens-N-Twenties programs. These programs are the result of a collaborative effort between Okizu and the pediatric oncology treatment centers in Northern California.

The specific purpose of Okizu is to operate peer support programs for children and families affected by childhood cancer based on the community-forming nature of a residential camp experience. For that reason, all of Okizu’s programs are offered free of charge to the families we serve.

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Public Benefit: Side by Side

Side by Side’s mission is to walk with young people impacted by adversity toward a future with connection and meaning. Side by Side operates across the Bay Area, providing young people ages 5-26 and family members with critical services that span behavioral and mental health, early intervention in schools, LGBTQIA+ support, transitional housing for foster youth, and special education.

They see their clients for the individuals that they are, and how all aspects of their life experiences have impacted their behavior, emotions, and ability to learn. They might struggle with failing grades, truancy, brushes with the law, and substance use. They might have anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem, and not know how to interact with others in a healthy way.

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