In 2021, 100MARIN partnered with Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership (CVNL) to produce and administer the giving circle's annual event. With CVNL’s support, 100MARIN is now positioned to grow its giving circle and raise more funds to increase community impact. With your participation, 100MARIN will be able to expand our reach, educate and engage more individuals about philanthropy and social change, and connect members to nonprofits, their communities, and each other.

At CVNL, we know that passion alone isn’t enough when it comes to creating strong nonprofits.That’s why we work with leaders and volunteers every day to help them build the skills and connections that can take their impact to the next level. When they are confident and prepared, our nonprofits will be better equipped to create healthy, happy, more equitable communities. We work daily to advance nonprofits and volunteerism by strengthening leadership, encouraging innovation, and empowering individuals in our communities. 

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