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I have been living in Marin now for nearly 10 years. I am a proud resident to be living in Marin and would like to get more involved in helping the community. I have seen more philanthropic efforts here than anywhere I've lived and I'm excited to participate in giving back how I can.
Tricia is a native San Diegean, went to San Diego State University and met a ton of wonderful Bay Area natives. Upon graduation and starting her career in Direct Mail, she rapidly advanced in sales for the San Diego Union Tribune. Once she realized she could thrive as a media sales person, she quickly realized that sales and people were what she was meant to do and it was her ticket to the Bay Area. She then landed in Walnut Creek working for the Bay Area News Group. After that, she took a job at a magazine that brought her over to Marin just 10 years ago. From there she worked at Comcast Spotlight, the advertising division for Comcast and did that for 5 years.
Recently she was recruited as the local market Manager for Lamar Transit Advertising.
She loves any sort of gathering, networking and people. Her passion are swimming, hiking, trying different wineries up in Sonoma and being near water at any chance she can. She enjoys movies, game nights and laughing as much as possible.
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