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When I heard about 100MARIN I loved the innovative idea... so simple yet so effective! Non-profits need independent support now more than ever. I want to be part of the solution to the enormous challenges nonprofits face every day.
Born in Germany, I moved to California some 37 years ago (has it really been that long?!).

I have had a very successful career as a designer when, by chance, I found that people battling AIDS in Marin County did not have a reliable source of food and were dying of hunger. I felt very deeply that this should never happen in a wealthy country like the U.S. So I began cooking up a storm and brought fresh, healthful meals to those who desperately needed them. And thus, Meals of Marin was born. Today, some 1.2 million meals and 24 years later, that is still what I do... feeding people with life-threatening illnesses, and loving it. I am a mother of two and a grandma now and there is nothing more deeply satisfying than being able to say "Yes, we can help" when a call for badly needed meals comes in! Lovingly prepared, home-delivered meals bring not only nutrition and comfort, they create community and often hold the entire family together.
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