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We are so thrilled to be a charter member of 100MARIN. Attending the events and giving back to our local community is important to me personally, and to our law firm and this amazing giving circle is a perfect way to do it. Given that only one winner takes all of the proceeds, this Spring, we felt it was important to us to sponsor a one of the other non-winning non-profits so that one of the runners-up could go home a monetary winner. Thank you to 100MARIN! Danielle Pener is the owner of Alta Employment Law in San Francisco, and lives in Sausalito.
Danielle L. Pener, founder of Alta Employment Law, is an experienced employment attorney who has counseled and represented companies for her entire career. She provides practice strategic, business-savvy advice in all areas of California employment law, including wage-and-hour issues, leaves of absence and disability accommodation, employee hiring, management, discipline, and terminations and discrimination and harassment complaints. She prepares agreements, policies, handbooks, and commission and bonus plans to ensure that companies are set up for success. In addition to her counseling practice, Ms. Pener also is a skilled workplace investigator and regularly represents companies in employment disputes including demand letters, lawsuits, audits, and agency claims.
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