Spring 2016 Winner's Speech - Wednesday's Gift

October 07, 2016 8:02 AM | Shelbi Hoffman (Administrator)

Thank you 100 Marin! Nice to be here a little more relaxed than back in March.  I was super nervous and really wanted to win. Now all I want is to express our tremendous gratitude to you all and let you all know the impact your gift has had in our/your community.

In March 100Marin  gave us $36,000. Since that time we have gifted $35,219.51 to individuals and families in need here in Marin County.
Essentially 100 Marin put us on the map for local Marin County non-profits.
As a result of the gift and the notoriety that came with it we have since received a matching gift of $35,000 as well as $20,000 from another donor and $5000 from another. Our reach is growing and that couldn’t have happened without you.

Before our association with 100Marin our annual income was about $25,000 IF the Comedy Event went well and IF the Hoedown produced income. As a result of your gift we have had to tighten our processes, become more organized and efficient. We thank you for that.  Before the gift we received about 5-6 requests per month. Since then that number grown to about 10 per week. Each request is vetted by a member of our gift committee. We hear their stories, listen to their need and grant gifts when appropriate. We take your gift very seriously and I promise you we are responsible stewards of the gift.

So you gave us money. That is awesome. But I’ve been thinking about the real currency at play here and what I believe is,   It Is Love.

Last week a request came in from a couple we’ll call Mary and Joe. Due to some unfortunate circumstances their son had to give up his three children. 2,4 and 8. Mary and Joe had to step in and provide. They didn’t have beds, clothes or any other supplies a 2,4 and  8 year old would need. They heard about WG and Aileen went to the mobile home they live in to assess their situation.  Within days we provided beds and gift cards to Target and Safeway. .

Now don’t get me wrong. They were grateful for the beds and gift cards. But they were also grateful for the loving way Aileen showed up and the speed with which their needs were met. So I believe LOVE propels the giving.

 3 years ago there was no 100Marin. But a very busy couple with no time to spare found the the time to lovingly organize their friends and community with a crazy idea to give back in a meaningful way

In the last 6 months we have helped with rent, clothes, food, bedding.
Because of our new visiblilty in the community we have partnered with other local no-profits. MCIL, Marin Community Clinic, Center for Domestic Peace to name a few.
PG&E had become an important partner keeping power on.

Your generosity/love has dramatically changed our ability to make a difference in the community we all live in. So thank you!

Lastly, good luck to this years nominees. Try to relax and enjoy the moment!

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